Thursday, 23 October 2008

150 years of Cardiff history or 50 parking spaces?

One of the oldest buildings in Cardiff is set to be demolished next summer. The Council plan to pull down The Vulcan pub on Adam Street to make way for a car park that will serve the St David's 2 shopping centre.

The situation is made worse by the fact that, according to the developers' own leaflet, the demolition of The Vulcan will add a mere 50 parking spaces to the 450 that are already available on that site. There will in addition be 2000 spaces on top of the shopping complex and 550 underneath John Lewis.

The Vulcan was opened in 1853 and has retained its original frontage. Three years ago owners Brain's were adamant that they would not sell. However, despite the landlords making good money, the brewery have since been served with a compulsory purchase order. It is institutions like The Vulcan that make a place that bit different and provide some relief from the ubiquitous everytown high rise flats, Starbucks and Walkabouts.

There is a Facebook campaign group and a campaign blog with petition. If you live in Cardiff contact your local Councillor about this atrociously short-sighted, profit-driven decision. We've got about six months to change their minds!

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