Thursday, 6 November 2008

Lewis Shamilton

Lewis Hamilton visited McLaren HQ near Woking yesterday to say thanks to the 1800 workers who design and build the car he races and are therefore behind his World Championship success. As residents of the UK they use public roads, libraries, and the emergency services. The vast majority of them will use the NHS and send their children to state schools. They pay their taxes. Lewis Hamilton doesn't.

Hamilton grew up in Britain. He received a state education and treatment from NHS doctors, nurses and dentists when he needed it. He was brought up on a council estate in Stevenage. Now, with an annual income estimated at £18 million, he lives in Switzerland to avoid paying tax. One might think this makes him a greedy, selfish shit. He owes this country for what he received as he was growing up. He owes the workers that put him on the podium. "I love this team", he said. Evidently not enough to pay his way like the rest of his team-mates.