Thursday, 16 October 2008

Jimmy of Wales

When both First Minister and Deputy First Minister were in Kentucky for the handover of the Ryder Cup, much was made of Wales needing to boost its image abroad, especially in the States and especially among businesspeople.

Step forward Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. He should be signed up to record a TV commercial exploring Wales. The guy's got the perfect name and the perfect profile to penetrate the USA psyche with tales of Wales. With a name like that I can only assume that there's some Welsh link somewhere in his ancestry; even if there's not, if it were me I'd still be interested in learning about the country I had for a surname.

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Gregory Kohs said...

Wales isn't the "founder" of Wikipedia. He's the "co-founder", and he later spent a considerable amount of energy writing the other co-founder out of his personal encyclopedia fiefdom.