Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The mind boggles Part One

From BBC News 24...

Presenter: Could we see something approaching the Depression of the 1920s [sic]?
Will Hutton (via telephone): ...[it's possible that the crisis] could wipe 5-10% off UK GDP - this country's biggest ever fall, not as bad as the USA in the 1930s but still...
Presenter: Will Hutton, thank you. And now Entertainment 24.

[Very short Entertainment 24 title sequence]

Presenter: I am so excited right now.
Ent 24 presenter: So am I.
Presenter: I love High School Musical.
Ent 24 presenter: Yup, and number three's coming out. Have you seen one and two?
Presenter: Like, ten times.

Me: Like, who gives a fuck about High School Musical in the midst of what could be the country's biggest ever economic crisis?

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